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The Double Skulls Podcast: The Blood Bowl Podcast that deals with league and tournament play in the UK.

Dec 23, 2020

In this extra special CHRISTMAS episode Johnny and Dan discuss all the latest Blood Bowl news, look at the year ahead and bang on about a load of stuff nobody cares about. Special guests include Santa and Werner Herzog.

Dec 1, 2020

Dan and Johnny complete their in-depth round up of Blood Bowl: Second Season Edition with a deep-dive into all of the team rosters for the new edition. They read them out, think about them and then offer unsolicited opinions on them. That's it. That's the podcast.

Nov 14, 2020

Johnny and Dan are BACK to deep dive into all the details of the new boxed set, unboxing their pre-release copy and then tirelessly digging out things that could upset people.

Aug 8, 2020

In this very special episode of the Double Skulls Podcast Dan and Johnny discuss the recent leaks and the future of Blood Bowl ina WORLD EXCLUSIVE interview with the rules designers at Game Workshop.

They also announce the return of the Double Skulls Podcast in a slightly different format on

Apr 12, 2019

An absolute blinder of an episode. Johnny instantly insults Dan's mother, tells him to abandon his family, makes a formal apology to the World Cup podcast (sort of) and there's even a bit where Dan says "I love you, Johnny" and he replies "Ok". What more could you wish for?