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October 2020
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In this very special episode of the Double Skulls Podcast Dan and Johnny discuss the recent leaks and the future of Blood Bowl ina WORLD EXCLUSIVE interview with the rules designers at Game Workshop.

They also announce the return of the Double Skulls Podcast in a slightly different format on

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An absolute blinder of an episode. Johnny instantly insults Dan's mother, tells him to abandon his family, makes a formal apology to the World Cup podcast (sort of) and there's even a bit where Dan says "I love you, Johnny" and he replies "Ok". What more could you wish for?

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In this uncharacteristically unsatisfying quickie of an episode, Johnny and Dan bang on about the upcoming UKTC tournament, the looming colossus that is the NAF World Cup, and all the latest goings on in the Derby Blood Bowl League!

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This game Dan and Johny discuss the latest GW releases, Eurobowl 2018, Stranglebowl and all sorts of other Blood Bowl nonsense. Johnny does his (in)famous David Bowie impression as well. Probably worth a listen just for that.

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This episode was not only recorded late but has been released very late due to all sorts of real life shite. In it, Johnny and Dan discuss all sorts of old news and announce the winners of's painting competition winners!

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In this episode Johnny and Dan discuss the recent NAFC, all of Johnny's foreign exploits, all the latest news in the world of Blood Bowl and why Ogres are fucking shite.

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In this episode Dan and Johnny discuss the upcoming NAFC, the new GW Chaos releases, all the current goings on in the world of Blood Bowl and insult half of their listeners. As per.

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In this episode Johnny and Dan catch up on their results from the Waterbowl and look forward to Slann taking over the World Cup. Johnny goes on 2 of his 4 standard rants and then discusses why the DBBL is currently stark, raving bonkers.

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In this episode our intrepid heroes talk about the upcoming Waterbowl, the recent UKTC and Welsh Open and try their best to get you all to stop listening for good.

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In this episode our intrepid heroes discover they are quickly running out of funny numbers. We discuss recent news, tournaments, the crowning of a new and incredibly well-hung Derby Blood Bowl League champion and our plans for the next year. Merry Christmas everybody.

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A mammoth episode containing chatter about every tournament going, local leagues, Death Zone 2 and all sorts of other shite. Look. Just get it listened to before next year's episode.

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I never thought I'd be typing this but in this episode our intrepid heroes review an exclusive pre-release copy of the new Blood Bowl boxed set and answer questions from the audience! It does not go well. We are never, EVER talking to our audience again.

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So… It's been ages again. The week after the podcast recording was cancelled due to a lorry being on fire the gang decide to record an episode while horribly ill. It worked well though, Johnny's stammering aside. The topics vary from how badly Johnny did at Chaos Cup to how badly Johnny and Peter did in the Podbowl.

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Oh my Lord? Is that the time?!? I suppose we'd better get a new episode out for your listening pleasure then. In this episode Johnny & Peter tackle all the news that has kicked off in the past who knows how long and kiss and make up with Games Workshop.

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Johnny & Peter wax lyrical about the upcoming GW sanctioned tournament, the NAFC and the J-Bone Industries Frogmen crowd-funding campaign. There's also a lot of weird creepy talk about people on other podcasts. Just ignore those bits.


J-Bone Frogmen Campaign

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Another year, another pre-NAFC episode! It's a bit late as Johnny has been busy painting Dwarves and fielding questions about frogs! It's worth the wait though. Kind of. All of the Dungeon Bowl fun in Dusseldorf is broken down in tedious amounts of detail! Enjoy!

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Oh my days… Johnny has done loads of tournaments and Pete has done none. Johnny yammers on endlessly while Pete nods, coughs and sneezes his way through it. It's also quite obvious that Johnny has an 80s movie theme stuck in his head throughout. Mmmmm… Bow-bow.

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So the UKTC is over for another year! Booo… But we did alright! Yay… In this episode we yammer on about how we did. Booo… But then we shut up and go away. Yay...

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A new year and a new UK Team Challenge is upon us again! In this mini episode we cover our new year's resolutions, our powergamer rosters for the UKTC and some dodgy cockney accents. Everything a growing Blood Bowler needs.

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This episode is almost too good to miss! Almost. We discuss the biggest Blood Bowl event in the history of the game, the 3rd World Cup in Lucca, Italy, the announcement that GW will be re-releasing all of our favourite specialist games and we have our very first 'NAF corner' with the charming Mr. Mike Davies. PG12: May contain singing and mild Merrick bashing.

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In this episode we discuss upcoming tournaments, review Blood Bowl 2 on PS4, the ongoing shenanigans in our local league, setting up a tournament, the ups and downs of the kick-off table and whatever the f**k a "Wheato-eye" is. With extra special guest, Liam "Gimp Suit" Johnson

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They say good things come to those who wait. Unfortunately, so do mediocre things. In this episode we discuss the ridiculous amount of Blood Bowl we've played since the last podcast, how to avoid Blood Bowl fatigue and why Cards Against Humanity is shit. I think I also slag off Joemanji somewhere in there for actually being good at the game as well. Enjoy!

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It's that podcast we promised ages ago! Don't get your hopes up... It's very windy. Ah! What do you want for nothing?

We chat about how badly our matches went, listen to footage of ourselves getting more and more suicidal / drunk as the weekend rolls on and J-Bone talks to Pedda about fat midgets.

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In the first part of our epic two-parter sixth episode we discuss the teams and tactics we're taking to the NAFC in Nottingham and how we're going to snatch victory out of the jaws of the bottom table. Recorded in front of a "live" studio audience.

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We made it to five episodes. Five whole episodes. Unbelievable. In this special anniversary edition we reveal that we don't know how inducements work and cover the 'F' word... FOULING! Why to do it, when to do it, and how to hopefully not screw it all up! All of this plus the usual round-up of Blood Bowl news and UK tournament and league shenanigans. That's a lotta wedge! (Whatever that means)

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In this king-sized fourth episode Johnny & Peter discuss all the news from the world of Blood Bowl, a whole host of UK tournaments, getting to grips with FUMBBL, Johnny's insistence on putting the word 'the' before the word 'Facebook' and how not to be a complete dick while playing Blood Bowl. Impossible?!? We think not!

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"A third episode already?" I hear you cry? Well, yeah... Deal with it. We're back from the UK Team Challenge in York and are ready to talk leagues, online play, tournaments and how we try in vain to improve our fledgling Blood Bowl strategies. Featuring a special guest and all the regular nonsensical, sweary ramblings.

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Here it is! The second episode of the Double Skulls Blood Bowl podcast! This episode we are covering the formation of our tabletop league as well as our recent gaming and all the stuff that we have coming up in the near future!

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Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Double Skulls podcast! We are two guys from the UK who have recently rediscovered the Games Workshop game 'Blood Bowl' and are documenting our first floundering steps into the tactics, league play and UK tournament scene... Expect lots of nostalgic mumbling, ridiculous tactics discussions, rules mistakes, bad swear words and moaning about dice!

Episode 1 covers our return to the game of Blood Bowl and our first impressions of all of the different aspects of the modern game.



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